Original House of Blues

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Completion date: 1996
Construction cost: $3.5 million

A Greek revival building with a cutting edge attitude, the very first House of Blues belted out gospel anthems and spicy catfish in an 8,000 square foot space just off Harvard Square. Combining Juke Joint features and materials with a pantheon of neon uplit, bas-relief busts of famous musicians, the building took a bluesy, backwater vernacular and elevated it to the heavens. This bar, restaurant, stage and retail facility boasted a rough-and-tumble demeanor with materials like diamond plate steel panels, but also possessed refined features like high-quality commercial kitchen equipment, and state of the art stage lighting, sound and satellite uplink. Broken in like an old pair of jeans while providing a first-class restaurant and entertainment experience, this project created the prototype for the House of Blues brand worldwide.

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